About Us

Hurler Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that occurs in approximately one out of 150,000 births. I was diagnosed when I was one year old and was told I might not live past the age of six. A stem cell transplant at Duke University Hospital saved my life. Since then, I have had over ten surgeries, including a cervical spine fusion, and two corneal transplants. Life has not been easy for me, but I have learned that staying positive, being strong, having faith, believing in myself and having a support system like my family and friends will get me through any challenge. I would like to raise awareness that no matter who you are or what life brings you, you can use your creativity to find purpose and meaning.  I am inspired every day and The Tie Dye Shed is my personal outlet. Thank you all for supporting me!

Ten percent of our proceeds will go to the various hospitals that have helped me get to where I am today.